Rhubarb Strawberry Blossoms

Swedish Crown Bakery‘s Eva Sabet makes Rhubarb Strawberry Blossoms that’s perfect for a summertime treat.

9 oz milk (1 cup+1/8 cup)
20 oz flour (4.5 cups flour)
1/2 package fresh “Red Star” yeast
3.5 oz sugar (6 TBSP)
3.5 oz room temp butter (1 stick butter, minus – 1 TBSP)
1 tsp sea salt

Almond filling:
3.5 oz almond paste/marzipan (Half stick Marzipan)
4 oz room temp butter (1 stick butter)
3.5 oz sugar (6 TBSP)

Mix almond paste and butter smooth in a mixing bowl and set aside.

Rhubarb Filling:
7 oz Rhubarb jam
7 oz Strawberry jam
2 TBSP Cardamom (optional)

Put both jams and cardamom in a bowl and mix with a spoon.

2 cups powdered sugar
2 TBSP water
1 TBSP lemon juice
2 TBSP strawberry jam for color

Mix together, if needed add more water.

How to make the dough:

Mix all the ingredients in a mixer except butter. Use a dough hook on speed 2 for 15 min. Add the room temp butter and mix for another 10 min on the same speed. If the dough is too loose slowly add, spoon by spoon some more flour. Be careful not to ad too much or it dough will get hard. If dough gets too hard then use reverse technique and slowly add some extra milk spoon by spoon. We are looking for a nice shiny dough, that bounces like a baby’s belly and is not sticking to the sides of the bowl. When the dough is ready, cover the bowl and let it rest and double for 60 min in a nice warm place (please note not hot. If it is too cold it will not rise fast enough).

Use a muffin pan with either large muffin holes which will give about 12 blossoms or use a normal muffin pan which will give about 20-24 blossoms. Line with paper cups, either normal cup or large cup to match the pan. Depending on the size of the pan, it is important that the roll of the dough is the correct size to fill the hole of the muffin pan. If using the small pan dough needs to be a longer rectangle and the thickness about 1/4 of an inch, if using a large pan the rectangle needs to be smaller and the dough thicker at about 1/2 inch high, because we want the dough to roll high.

Roll the dough on a non-sticky surface with a rolling pin. If dough is sticking to the table, butter the surface or spray some oil on surface. Roll into a rectangular shape until dough is a about 1/2 inch thick. With a spatula evenly spread almond filling. And last spread out the jam filling evenly as well. Roll dough as a cinnamon roll, not too tight or the filling will ooze and not too loose or it will not hold its shape. Cut roll into pieces, make sure not to press too hard when cutting and try to support the dough with the hand when cutting the roll and put the cut pieces into the paper cups that are already lined in the muffin pans.

Cover the pans with a clean kitchen towel and let it rest nice warm cozy place (not hot) for an hour or until doubled in size. This step is crucial for the dough to turn out well.
When doubled in size bake at 410 F for about 10 -12 minutes or until golden brown, to be safe a deep golden brown, to ensure the middle to bake properly.

Take it out of the oven and brush with glaze when piping hot. Let it cool and enjoy with a cup of coffee or milk.

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