Minnesota Salsas

May is National Salsa Month. To celebrate, reporter Emily Engberg has four Minnesota Made Salsas that not only taste great, but also have interesting stories. Here are four.

Double Take Salsa

Double Take Salsa started in Edina. It was created because the owner was tired of boring salsa. He started selling it at a farmer’s market. Today, it’s sold all over in area grocery stores. The salsas have a bite and a unique taste you won’t want to miss.

Salsa Lisa

Salsa Lisa started with two flavors at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, but it is now sold all over the country. Salsa Lisa also has more variety. It now has seven varieties. Despite its national growth, the salsa is made weekly in St. Paul. It can be found in the refrigerated section in almost all grocers.

Curt’s Special Recipe

Curt’s was founded in 1994 by Curt and Betty Hollister of Frederic, Wisconsin. The “special recipe” salsa became a hit at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. It was purchased by a family in Stillwater. It has grown and now offers other products, including Bloody Mary mix, bbq sauces, and ketchup. The black and white label pays homage to Curt and Betty’s original peal and stick nametags on the jars. It can be found in grocery and specialty stores in the five state area.


Minnesalsa is made in Hugo. It’s a small family business. It started almost twenty years ago as a way to make salsa fun. It’s micro-brewed and made into small batches to get the perfect mix of ingredients. Minnesalsa does a ton of fundraising for local charities, organizations and also sporting events. It can be found in multiple spots, including Target.

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