University of Minnesota Apple Varieties

Jim Luby, fruit breeder with the University of Minnesota, shared several of the apple varieties they’ve developed over the years. They have released 27 apple varieties, including the Honeycrisp. It takes between 20 and 30 years to develop a new apple variety. For more information about their program, click here. Jim brought the following apples: Honeycrisp • Released: 1991 • Known for: Its explosively crisp texture, named Minnesota State Fruit in 2006 • Best for: Fresh eating and salads • Harvest: Mid-to-late September (Mid-Season) SweeTango • Released: 2009 • Known for: Juiciness and crisp texture, its vibrant acidity • Best for: Fresh eating and cooking/baking • Harvest: Early September (Early-Season) Chestnut • Released: 1949 • Known for: Large russeted crabapple with a rich, nutty flavor • Best for: Fresh eating or sauce • Harvest: Early September (Mid-Season) First Kiss • Released: 2017 • Known for: Extraordinarily juicy, this spritely tart and scarlet red variety is ready to harvest in mid-to-late August throughout the state • Best for: Fresh eating • Harvest: Mid-to-late August (Early-Season) Sweet 16 • Released: 1977 • Known for: Crisp and juicy with an exotic yellow flesh and a very sweet, unusual sugar cane or spicy cherry candy flavor • Best for: Fresh eating and cooking/baking • Harvest: Mid-to-late September (Mid-Season)

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