Sauerkraut Recipe

‘Tis the Oktoberfest season which means lots of beer, brats and sauerkraut. The Real Food RN, Kate Doubler stopped by the TCL studio to share a sauerkraut recipe you can make at home and teach us the health benefits of the festive side.

Sauerkraut Recipe

1 large head of cabbage (or about 4 cups shredded cabbage)
1 tbsp sea salt

Steps: 1. Cut cabbage into shreds and place into a large bowl

2. Add sea salt

3. Massage together with your hands until cabbage starts to weep (it becomes wet)

4. Add to your fermenting vessel and push it down with your fist

5. Place a plate on top of the cabbage and a weight of some sort if you are making it in a bowl or a larger fermenting vessel

6. Liquid should come off the cabbage and completely submerge the cabbage

7. Make sure cabbage is completely under the liquid

8. Let sit on your counter for as long as desired

This recipe is from Kate’s blog, for more steps and photos – Click here!

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