Thai Fish en Papillote

Anna Klimmek is the owner and chef of Happy Food MN and Culinary Wellness Company.  Their mission is to teach simpler ways to cook healthier versions of the meals we know and love.

Anna offers a virtual trip around the world through cooking using some of her favorite techniques.  She’s offering a series of three different virtual classes.  Classes are on a Sunday from 4 pm – 6 pm.  Click here for more information and to sign up for one of Anna’s Happy Food MN World Wide Cook Along class.  Use the code: TCL5 and get $5 off any ticket in the series!


Thai Fish en Papillote
4 Servings
Prep Time: 30 mins
Total Cook Time: 50-60 Mins


16 oz Fresh White Fish (Halibut, Wahoo, Ona)
1 ea Red Pepper
1 ea Carrots
1 ea Zucchini
1 ea Garlic clove
1 ea Shallot
¼ cup Coconut Milk (preferably just the cream on top)
1 Tbsp Cilantro
2 ea Limes each sliced into 6 circles
1 ea Thai Peppers or Fresno Pepper sliced very thinly for garnish
4 ea Parchment Paper


Create 4 squares of parchment.  Fold in half corner to corner then open into a square again.  Find midline crease in the parchment.  Choose one side, this will be the side that you fill, keeping your ingredients about a ¼ – ½ inch of the midline.  The other side of the parchment you will flip over the top of your ingredients.   When your parchment is full you will roll the edges over each other creating a sealed pouch for your fish to cook in!

Julienne all veggies. Mix together with garlic clove and shallot. Lay veggies near midline of each parchment square. Divide the coconut milk/cream and place on top of the veggies.  Top w/ Fish, Salt & Pepper, two slices of lime, cilantro, and garnish with the peppers slices.  Wrap in parchment according to above directions.

Place all four parchment wrapped fish pouches on a sheet pan and place in pre-heated oven.  Allow to cook for 20 – 30 minutes.  The fish will steam in the pouch making it poof up.  When you think it is done, pull the pouches from the oven and poke a hole in the pouch allowing the steam to escape.  Let the fish rest a minute or two until it is ready for handling! Slice open the top of the pouch or unroll and place on a plate.

Note: The first time you cook the fish try cooking it closer to the 20 minute mark.  You can always cook it more but once it’s over cooked you are stuck with it.

5-Alive Mocktail/Cocktail
4 Servings
5 mins prep
5 mins total


1 ea Lemon
2 ea Lime
1 ea Grapefruit
1 ea Orange
1 ea Tangerine
1 Tbsp Raw Honey
8 oz Topo Chico (or soda water)
½ oz Tequila Respesado (optional)
TT Ice

Garnish Rim w/ Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Coconut Sugar
Low Ball Glass


Squeeze juice from one of each fruit.  Leave one lime for garnish and rimming the glass.
Whisk together w/ raw honey (if using) and all of the juices
Rim your glass with sugar and salt mixture
Pour 2 – 4 oz of juice and tequila if using over ice

Pro Tip:  Slice second lime in half. Use one half to rim the glasses. Cut 4 slices out of the other half to use as garnish

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