Market House Collaborative

There’s a new spot in Saint Paul that’s all about a unique experience for food. It’s called Market House Collaborative. It’s an indoor market that includes OCTO Fishbar, Peterson Craftsman Meats, Salty Tart Bakery, Almanac Fish by the Fish Guys and Birch’s.

The idea behind Market House Collaborative is to go to a spot where you can find all sorts of businesses under one roof. Each bring a unique feel to the market. They all work together. For example, the meat in Octo Fishbar comes from Peterson Craftsman Meats. All of the seafood is sourced through the Fish Guys and the bread used in the businesses are from Salty Tart.

The entire vibe of the Market House Collaborative is one that will certainly bring attention to the city. It’s a great spot to check out and in October the timing is perfect for National Seafood Month. But don’t worry, you burger lovers are taken care of, too. Birch’s Brewhouse has great burgers and beer.

To learn more check out their Facebook Page and Instagram.

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