Dining in the Dark

There’s a new trend around the country are embracing. It’s called Dinning in the Dark and we found it at Mercy in downtown Minneapolis Twin Cities Live Reporter Kelli Hanson and Producer Brittany Larson were hungry and wanted to see what the buzz was all about.

Executive Chef stopped to explain more about the Dining in the Dark experience.

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Ambrosia Salad Fingers
1c marshmallow
4oz crushed Oreo cookies
1oz berry jam
1oz pickled fresno juice
4ea slices pickled fresno
2ea raspberry
3ea Halloween fingers

1. Mix marshmallow, jam, Fresno juice, together
2. Garnish with remaining ingredients

Halloween Fingers

8oz White chocolate
4oz Coco butter
8oz White chocolate pudding (store bought)

1. Melt chocolate with coco butter and reserve
2. Pour chocolate mixture into molds and pour out excess. Allow to set and then pour pudding into mixture. Freeze overnight, remove from mold and dip into chocolate and freeze for 1 hr and then thaw for 2 hours in fridge
3. Decorate with any colored candy mix’s

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