Food Hacks with Coborns

Emily Parent, the registered dietitian at Coborns has some advice for food preparation and storage hacks that will keep your groceries fresher for longer.

  • Store herbs upright in a container with a little bit of water to help them last longer
  • Refresh veggies by storing in water to bring back the crisp
  • Try freeze drying at home – dry them out in the microwave or mix with oil and freeze in ice cube tray

Ice Cube Tray Hacks:

  • Freeze left over spaghetti sauce in ice cube trays
  • Blend aging spinach in water and freeze in ice cube trays to toss in smoothies

Slow the Ripening of Fruit & Veggies:

  • Don’t store onion close to other produce – they give off a gass that speeds up the ripening process of produce around it
  • Apple also give off a gas – store them separately
  • Bananas should also be stored separately and invest in a banana hanger

Fun Hacks:

  • Microwave lemons to get more juice
  • At the end of a peanut butter jar, use it to serve your breakfast oatmeal or ramen. The heat will pull the peanut butter away from the sides and flavor your meal
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