Drinks for the New Year

It’s about this time of the year that people start slipping on their New Year’s resolutions.  TCL photographer and Office Mixologist, Drew Schingen, is here to help us keep on track with them

New Year Resolution Mocktail

Grapefruit juice
Cranberry juice
Lime wedge
Sparkling water

Fill the glass with ice and then fill half way with the grapefruit juice. Add a splash of cranberry juice (1/2 ounce, or so). Rim the glass with the lime wedge and then squeeze the lime into the glass. Top with the sparkling water and enjoy.


Raspberry Mint Mojitos

6 or 7 fresh raspberries
4 fresh mint leaves
Splash of lime juice
Ice cubes
1 oz rum
Sparkling water

Place raspberries, mint leaves, and lime juice in the bottom of your glass.

Muddle together so that all your raspberries and mint leaves are crushed, top with ice and pour in your rum, sparkling water

Add a few additional mint leaves and raspberries if desired; garnish with a lime peel. Enjoy!


Mind Eraser

1 Part Kahlúa
1 Part Vodka
1 Part Club Soda

Fill the glass with ice and Kahlua, vodka and club soda. Stir. Enjoy

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