Salad Recipes

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice is here to help us get excited about eating salads! Coming off the holidays, it’s hard to make the switch from cookies, appetizers, and heavy meals, but Alice is here with some ways to make salads exciting and share a couple of her favorite recipes.


Roasted sweet potato salad made with figs, pomegranate seeds, lentils, and drizzled with a maple balsamic dressing. This vegan roasted sweet potato is delicious cold or warm. Instead of meat, Alice uses lentils (a great source of protein and fiber).

An easy Thai Steak Salad recipe made with seasoned grilled Skirt Steak, a sweet cilantro sauce, and tossed with mango, peppers, honey peanuts, fresh mint, and your favorite mixed greens!

This easy Taco Salad is a quick recipe and is layered with Doritos, ground beef and your favorite taco toppings!

Salad Tips:

  • Freshen up your salads with figs, pomegranate seeds, fresh herbs like mint and basil.
  • Try out new salad containers that make taking your salad to work for lunch a treat.
  • Skip ranch dressing and instead opt for a flavorful homemade dressing like the Maple dressing or Cilantro sauce shown.

The new year is a perfect time to start meal planning. Do you need help getting your meal planning organized? Check out Alice’s Meal Planning eBook, Family Meal Planning. It’s only $5 and includes worksheets, tips, and guidance on setting up a routine and expectations for meals in your home.

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