Steve Smoked Ribs

Steve doesn’t have the best record when it comes to cooking on the show. After taking the plunge and buying himself an electric pellet smoker, he decided to try his hand at smoking ribs.  Surprisingly, they turned out great so he shared the recipe with us!

Steve’s recipe, gathered from various online recipes that use some form of this method, in Steve’s Words.

3-2-1 Method For Smoking Ribs

1 rack of spare ribs
Remove membrane from bone side of ribs
Season liberally with BBQ rub of your choosing
Smoke at 225 degrees, uncovered, for 3 hours
Remove from smoker
Apply brown sugar, honey and more seasoning to taste
Cover in foil
Add 2 tablespoons of apple juice or apple cider vinegar to inside of foil covering
Put back on smoker for 2 hours at 225 degrees
Remove from foil
Return to smoker for 1 hour at 225 degrees
Remove and let rest for 10 minutes
Serve and enjoy!

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