New Orleans Brunch

There’s a restaurant in Minneapolis, called McKinney Roe, which is dedicated to bringing new Orleans flavor to the Twin Cities. General manager and executive chef of McKinney Roe, Scott Pampuch stopped by to make Oyster Foch.

Oyster Foch
3 shucked and clean oysters (pat dry)
1 egg for wash
6 oz bread crumbs
2 tsp of old bay seasoning
1 tsp of celery seed, ground fine
6 Tbsp corn starch

For Sauce Colbert
4 oz hollandaise
3 oz demi glaze
1 pinch (to taste) of cayenne pepper
2 sliced Brioche toast
Chicken liver mouse (store bought)

How to make it:

Basic egg wash, salt and pepper on oysters, corn starch, egg wash, bread crumbs, fry for 2-3 mins till golden brown
Spread chicken liver mouse on brioche toast ( liberally )
Top with fried oysters
Dress with Sauce Colbert, and chives

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