Veggie Buds Club

If your kids struggle with eating veggies then Monica Irwin is going to become your new best friend. She is the creator of the Veggie Buds Blog she has made it her mission to help you find creative ways to introduce veggies to your kids and make them more tasty and fun.

Click here for the recipe for Root Veggie Latkes.

Tips to help your kids eat more vegetables

1. Read books about veggies- this is a simple and powerful way to make veggies fun and “normalize” them.
2. Involve your kids in the kitchen- let them chop, peel, stir, get messy, and taste-test.
3. Do arts and crafts that feature veggies- make a veggie puppet out of a brown paper bag or cut up veggies and then dip in paint to make “veggie stamps.”
4. Grow veggies indoors- there are many simple growing projects that can be done indoors such as sprouting seeds and growing herbs in a container.

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