Pork the Halls: Naked Pork Ravioli

All week long we are dishing up delicious recipes with the Minnesota Pork Board. Tim McCarty from the Mayo Clinic Foundation stopped by to make Naked Pork Ravioli.

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Naked Pork Ravioli

8 slices 1/8″ thick Pork loin
Moo Glue Around the inside edge
½ cup Yellow Onion Diced
8 oz Bacon Diced
½ cup Shitake mushrooms Chopped
1 cup Butternut Squash, Diced
3 pc Garlic Minced
½ cup Ricotta cheese
1 TBSP Fresh Sage, chopped
Salt And Pepper, to taste
½ cup Corn Starch
1 QT Oil


Make 8 slices of pork loin an 1/8″ thick, lightly pound to make sure the meat is the same thickness. Put the Moo Glue in a Ziploc bag and cut a very small hole the corner tip. Fellow around the edge of the meat, don’t miss. In a sauté pan add bacon and cook for 3 to 4 min over med high heat. Then add the onions, butternut and shitake cook till all is tender 10 to 12 min add garlic and sage S&P remove from heat and cool. Place a small scoop of Ricotta and the cook mixture on the pork and fold over and press firmly to set the edge, cover and place in cooler for at least 1 ½ hours over night is best. Season and dust the top with corn starch. Place oil in a high side pot and bring temp up to 350, place ravioli in hot oil for 1 min to 1 min 15 sec We are cooking the pork to 145 internal temp

Pickled Red Onions

1 Lg. Red Onion, Julienne
¾ cup White Balsamic vinegar
¾ cup Sugar


Julienne onion, bring vinegar and sugar to a boil in a pot, remove from heat add onions to the mix, let cool, they are ready. Save the vinegar

Butternut Squash Sauce

2 cups Butternut Squash, Diced
1 cup Yellow Onion, Diced
4 pc Garlic, Minced
¼ cup Bacon Fat
4 cups Pork Stock
2 cups Heavy Cream
¼ cup Corn Starch
Salt and Pepper, to taste
1 tsp Fresh Nutmeg

Over Med high heat Sauté 8oz of bacon, save bacon and chop set aside. Add butternut squash and onions saute until lightly browned, add garlic cook 2 min then add pork stock and heavy cream , simmer 15 min over low heat. Blend until smooth, thicken with corn starch mix, add S&P and grate fresh nutmeg .

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