Urban Organics

The historic Schmidt Brewery is home to something you may not expect. A portion of it is now a farm. Urban Organics opened its second location in June. Urban Organics first launched three years ago in the historic Hamm’s Brewery. Their new location is in a 87,000 square foot space. This expansion helps them keep up with the demand from area grocery stores and restaurants.

Urban Organics isn’t your typical farm. It’s an aquaponic farm. It is a farming method where fish and plants use each other to grow. It’s a fully certified organic farm. It uses advanced water filtration technology developed by Pentair. The idea behind Urban Organics is to offer healthy foods.

Urban Organics sells its greens (including Romaine, Swiss chard, kale and more) in Hy-Vee stores, various co-ops and restaurants like Birchwood Café. They also provide their greens to Health Partners so patients have healthy, fresh meals. You can find their product label on front of their containers, but instead of sell by date you’ll get the harvest date. The idea is to ensure that you know it’s healthy and fresh. The company also has sustainably grown fish, making it even more interesting. Artic Char and Atlantic Salmon are hatched on site and carefully watched until they are sent off to area stores. The entire process is inside their new location.

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