Advice for Buying Holiday Roasts

Prime rib is the most popular choice of meat served at Christmas dinner, but if the cost is alarming, Charlie Cory from Big Steer Meats in Saint Paul stopped by with alternatives, along with what you need to look for when buying specific cuts.

Cuts featured:

  • Prime rib. Costs around $15/pound.
  • Boneless Manhattan roast. Costs around $10/pound.
  • Boneless sirloin tip roast. Costs around $5/pound.
  • Baron of beef. Costs around $8/pound.

Big Steer Meats also sells pre-made stuffed tenderloins at their shop.

To get roasts in time for Christmas dinner, order from Big Steer no later than Sunday, December 23rd.

The Minnesota Beef Council has recipes from experts on how to cook your roast. Find those ideas here. And don’t forget to like the Beef Council on Facebook.

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