13 Thanksgiving Cocktails

The creator of the lifestyle blog, So Happy You Liked it, Jamie Preuss, gives us a sample from her blog, 13 Thanksgiving Cocktails, and whether it’s an Aperitif or a Digestif – and exactly what that is! 

Aperitif: Cranberry Rosé Gin and Tonic: This Cranberry Rosé Gin & Tonic is practically perfect in every way! Rosé, gin, cranberry juice, thyme simple syrup, and tonic come together for a refreshing, bitter, and slightly sweet aperitif. 

Digestif: Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour: This Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour is a true crowd pleaser! Smoky bourbon, bright lemon juice, sweet maple syrup, and fragrant rosemary equate to one insanely delicious cocktail. 

A light and approachable Aperitif: Pear and Apple Cider Mimosa:This Pear and Apple Cider Mimosa combines classic Fall flavors for a delicious sparkling cocktail.

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