Angel Food Marshmallows

Hot chocolate is just not the same without those tasty and fluffy pillows of deliciousness, also known as marshmallows. The owner of Angel Food Bakery, Katy Gerdes is here to share her homemade marshmallow recipe that’s fluffier and perhaps even tastier than the marshmallows you can buy at the store.

1 C powdered sugar
1 C corn starch
3 T gelatin
½ C cold water
½ C cold water
½ C corn syrup
2 C sugar
pinch kosher salt
1 T vanilla (or other flavoring)

Combine powdered sugar and cornstarch. Pan spray half hotel pan and dust with sugar/cornstarch mixture.
In mixing bowl, stir together gelatin and cold water.

In saucepan, combine water, corn syrup, sugar and salt. Bring slowly to boil and cook until 240 degrees/soft ball stage (mixture will form soft ball in ice water). Immediately pour hot sugar into bowl with gelatin and whisk on high until thick, white and mixture pulls away from sides in sticky strands. Add vanilla.

Immediately pour into prepared pan and dust with more sugar/cornstarch.

Chill for 2-3 hours until set. Dust cutting board with sugar/cornstarch and cut into marshmallows. Toss marshmallows in more sugar/cornstarch and sift to get rid of excess.

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