The Cabin Bar Mocha

We are just 22 days away from the “Big Game” that’s taking place right here in Minneapolis. Caribou coffee is the official coffee sponsor of the Super Bowl Host committee and they’ve created a drink that’s the ultimate “Tribute to the North.” Jenifer Hagness shared more about The Cabin Bar Mocha.

Cabin Bar Mocha:

This new beverage boasts a one-of-a-kind flavor combination of peanut butter, real butterscotch chips, espresso, chocolate chips and fresh whipped cream. Each Cabin Bar Mocha is then topped with a Midwest staple, the scotcheroo (or Special K bar). The Cabin Bar Mocha is available for a limited time. This classic treat is available January through March of 2018.

Caribou Coffee is the only major coffeehouse offering real butterscotch chips and the ingredients featured in the Cabin Bar Mocha.

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