Healthy Soup Meal Plan

Here’s something you may never have ever thought to eat for breakfast — a bowl of piping hot soup. Fitness Expert Nancy Stoneberg says yes to soup in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. And she’s challenging you to join her. Nancy stopped by to tell us why eating soup will help you regain control of food.

Nancy says the secret ingredient is Flax Seed. Put one tablespoon of ground flax in each bowl of soup. Doing that offers four health benefits.

1: omega 3 fats
2: perfect balance of soluble and insoluble fiber.
3: Lignans, which are a natural plant based estrogen which has been found to be very good for you.
4: the fiber does an amazing job in making you feel super full!

Shrimp soup
+ vegetable broth
+ frozen raw shrimp
+ Japanese stir fry vegetables
+ sesame oil

Chicken soup
+ chicken broth
+ chicken breast
+ Italian style frozen vegetables
+ roasted garlic seasoning

Beef soup
+ beef broth
+ stew meat
+ frozen vegetable medley
+ steak seasoning

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