Milkjam Creamery

Milkjam Creamery in Minneapolis is known for its flavorful ice cream and its flavorful names. The team is back at it again. This time, they are featuring new names. All sixteen flavors during the month of March represent powerful women of the past and today. The idea is to highlight the women that make a difference in the world.

March is Women’s History Month. The hope is that when people come in to get ice cream, they celebrate the women in their own lives that make a difference. Sameh Wadi of Milkjam says it doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, mom, feminist or chef. This is the time for all of us to honor those women.

Sameh calls General Manager Ruby Scher the inspiration of the project. Ruby says it’s fun to see the diverse group of ethnicities, backgrounds and stories.

The names for different flavors include women like Tarana Burke who coined the phrase “Me Too”, Oprah, Adele and even just “mom”.

To learn more about Milkjam Creamery and its story, click here.

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