Bootlegger Brewing

TCL in Your Town takes us to Apple Valley and in the south metro is where you’ll find the booch….Kombucha that is.

It’s a fermented drink that has a ton of health benefits and it’s pretty tasty too. The owner of Apple Valley’s Bootlegger Brewing Jake Haneman stopped by to talk about some of the Kombucha flavors they offer.

Kombucha 101

It’s a fermented tea
Fermented with a scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast)
The yeast breaks complex sugars into simple sugars
+ probiotic bacteria convert alcohol into acids

Is there alcohol in the kombucha?
Ends up at around 0.5%
Bacteria would continue to convert any alcohol left in the brew into acids
End up with a more vinegary or tart drink

What are the benefits?

Contains probiotics
Helps with digestion and boosts the immune system
Flushes out toxins in the liver
B vitamins can help elevate energy and mood
Can help your body regulate cholesterol

1. Sturdy Girl Apple Cinnamon
2. Lookout Lemon Berry
3. Hearty Woodsman Ginger
4. Whopper Melon

For more information and a list of where you can buy the product click here.

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