Lake Elmo Inn Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny & Egg

Lake Elmo Inn in Lake Elmo has a long history of providing good food and customer service that you won’t find just anywhere. It has several awards to prove it. Lake Elmo Inn is known for its brunches on Sundays and during various holidays throughout the year. People get so excited about the Easter brunch and buffet that they start making reservations one year in advance. Lake Elmo Inn’s event center also fills up on its Saturday brunch the day before. Chef John Schlitz owns Lake Elmo Inn. He says it’s not just about the food, it’s about the enter experience.

Throughout the year, there are special events and decorations that make Lake Elmo Inn feel special. For Easter, it’s all about the chocolate bunny and eggs. But we’re not just talking about any egg or bunny. The biggest egg is made of all chocolate that weighs one hundred pounds. It’s so big that Pastry Chef Joni Party has to have two people help her move it. Joni says it’s a treat to watch the excitement when people see it for the first time. Joni uses special molds that date back some thirty years to make the displays. The molds are from Europe and they truly make it extra unique.

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