Spring Fever

Minnesotans are a hearty bunch, but boy are we also suckers for spring! This winter has been long and brutal. So, the first sign of spring has folks racing to be outside as much as possible. Case in point, Sea Salt Eatery.

This seasonal restaurant has been itching to open. They close in the late fall and open up at the first sign of spring. However, this year has been tricky because they opened and then we had another snow storm!

Sea Salt is on Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis near Minnehaha Falls. So, not only will people be enjoying good food and weather, they will also get some great scenery. Minnehaha Park is home to a 53 foot waterfall. The park attracts around 850,000 visitors every year.

To learn more about Sea Salt Eatery, click here.

To learn more about Minnehaha Falls, click here.

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