Spring Fever: Nelson’s Ice Cream

For ice cream fans weather isn’t a problem. After all, ice scream is good year round. BUT, the warmer weather means one of the favorite spots opens up again. Nelson’s in Stillwater and Saint Paul is back open and ready for business. Now, that spring appears to have arrived, folks are lining up to get their hands on the favorite flavors.

Nelson’s first opened its doors in 1923. It has been a hot spot for families all over the cities ever since. Nelson’s has two locations and lots of flavors, including a brand new one called Rich and Famous. It also something called the Lumberjack. It’s a massive dish of ice cream. It has five softball sized scoops (any flavor) and you get to choose your toppings. If you finish it, which isn’t easy, you get your picture on the wall of fame.

For more info on Nelson’s, including locations, click here.

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