Infused Drinks

Infusing drinks with herbs and fruits is one of the hottest trends in the 2018 beverage industry. Jim Watkins of Sociable Cider Werks in Northeast Minneapolis stopped by to show us his step-by-step infusion process. Jim’s drink infusion steps: 1. Get a pressure sealable container. A canning jar, a growler, a swing top bottle etc. 2. Add the liquid you want to infuse. Light bodied products are easy to start with, so crisp clean beers, like pilsner or kolsch, white wine, cider, clear spirits 3. Chose the ingredients you want to infuse with. A little bit goes a long way. Remember you can’t un-infuse. So start delicate and add more as needed 4. Muddle, chop, grind, squeeze the chosen ingredients 5. Add ingredients to bottle, cap, Gently shake contents 6. Let sit overnight (or more). You can vary temperature for this part. Warmer is going to usually result in more flavor pick up and sharper flavors. Generally infusing at cooler temps will be more crisp and less intense. 7. Strain into another vessel, or straight into a glass 8. Enjoy!

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