Moules a la Basquaise from Chef Gavin Kaysen

He’s the mastermind behind the restaurants Bellecour and Spoon and Stable. He’s a finalist for a 2018 James Beard Foundation award and stops by the Twin Cities Live studio to share a recipe for mussels.

Moules a la Basquaise

By Chef Gavin Kaysen

Fresh Chorizo 3.2 kg Pork Caps, Large Dice 12 g Coriander Seed 18 g Garlic Powder 130 g Kosher Salt 32 g Red Pepper Flake 12 g White Pepper 40 g TCM 10 g Cayenne 40 g Pimenton 400 mL Distilled Vinegar 1. Combine all ingredients (except vinegar) and lay on a parchment lined sheet tray and place in freezer for 1 hour. 2. Grind through a coarse die and place in Hobart mixing bowl fitted with a paddle attachment. 3. Mix on speed 2 for 2 minutes. Add vinegar and mix 1 minute more. 4. Mix on speed 3 for 1 minutes. 5. Reserve. Chorizo Sofrito 3.2 kg Chorizo, Raw 1.6 kg Onion, Large Dice 1 kg Fennel Large Dice 700 g Shallot, Large Dice 700 g Garlic, Sliced 11.56 kg Diced Tomato (4cans) 2.5 kg Roasted Red Peppers 1 L 51/49 Olive Oil 1. Cook chorizo in 51/49 until fully rendered in a large rondeau over medium heat stirring often. 2. When fully rendered add onion, fennel, shallot, garlic and cook for 1 hour, until melded, stirring often. 3. Add tomato product and peppers. Cook for 4-6 hours, until paste has formed. Stir regularly and often. 4. Season with salt if needed. Lobster & Saffron Broth 200 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil 200 g Leeks, Small Dice 300 g Onion, Small Dice 200 g Fennel, Small Dice 15 g Garlic, Sliced Thin 20 g Fresno, Small Dice 10 g Espelette 450 g Tomato, Small Dice 450 g Sugo 4 g Coriander Seed, Toasted 4 g Fennel Seed, Toasted 4 g Star Anise, Toasted 10 g Orange, Peel 4 g Bay Leaf 4 g Thyme, Sprig 4 g Oregano, Sprig 375 mL White Wine 1 L Fish Fumet 300 g Lobster Body, Roasted A.N. Salt, Baleine Fine Sea A.N. Saffron 1. In a medium sized heavy bottom pot over medium heat sweat leeks, fresno, onion, fennel and garlic in olive oil until tender, aromatic and translucent. 2. Add espelette pepper and allow to toast in oil and become fragrant, 1 minute. 3. Add tomato and sugo and cook gently until moisture in tomato product has reduced to nearly dry. 4. Place all spices and herbs in a sachet and place in pot. 5. Deglaze with white wine and reduce by half. 6. Add fumet and saffron and simmer 45 minutes or until flavors have melded and developed. 7. Season with salt and black pepper to taste. 8. Chill over ice and store in an airtight container for service.

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