Back To School Dinner Recipes

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice, loves helping families think about some easy back to school recipes that both adults and kids will love. Alice showed two super easy recipes that families can make together for a new spin on pizza.

Alice has lots of favorite family-friendly recipes and her best tips for helping families tackle the difficult task of meal planning in her eBook, Family Meal Planning. Alice’s eBook, Family Meal Planning is available for purchase for $5.

One of Alice’s favorite meal planning tips is to add variety to your weekly meals by making new versions of meals your family loves. The Pizza Soup and Pizza Pull Apart Bread recipes are easy for families to make and provide a new, creative spin on the takeout classic.

Recipes on the Show:

Some of Alice’s other recipes that would be a great twist on traditional favorites:

Alice’s Tips for Meal Planning During Back to School Time:

  • Write down your meal plan for the week. I like to post it on my kitchen wall on a dry erase board.
  • Get your family involved in picking meal ideas.
  • Don’t be afraid to use services like grocery delivery (Alice likes Instacart) or prepared meal kits like Hello Fresh. They can be a big help during busy times.
  • Everyone needs meal planning tools. In Alice’s ebook, she includes:
  1. Weekly meal planning sheets
  2. Inventory Sheets
  3. Family Favorites List
  4. Grocery List
  5. 30+ Easy Recipe ideas
  6. 5 Kid-Friendly Recipes
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