Creative Toast Ideas

Is adding peas to your guacamole is a good thing? Executive Chef of Farm Table in Amery Wisconsin, Benjamin Spangler stopped by with some creative toast ideas.

Pea guacamole Toast
4 oz Peas
2 T. Cilantro
1 T. Jalapeño
1 t. Cumin
1 oz. Sunflower seed oil
4 oz. ricotta
1 Poached egg
10 ea Favs beans
2 ea Ramps
4 ea Dehydrated flowers
To Taste Salt
To Taste Pepper
2 ea toast
1 oz Butter

How to make it:

First mash the peas with cilantro and jalapeño and Kuhman sunflower seed oil
Smear with ricotta cheese and P guacamole and garnish with father beans ramps do you hydrated flowers and a poached egg

Brandade Toast
2 oz Fish spread
1 oz Sunchokes sliced
1 T. Dill
1 T. Green onions
1 ea Lemon wedge
2 ea Brussels slices
1 T. Vinegar
1.5 t. Maple syrup
4 oz. Baked fish
To Taste Salt
To Taste Pepper
2 ea. toast
1oz. Butter

How to make it:
Toast the bread with butter until golden brown on each side smear with their spread garnish with Sunchokes green onions
Brussels that have been cooked in vinegar and maple syrup garnish with fish slices green onions and salt and pepper

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