TCL’s Got Class: Emily Learns to Cook

The Twin Cities Live team is headed back to class to work on a new or improve a skill that needs a little help. Emily Engberg doesn’t love to cook. However, she’s trying to do it more often. So, we decided to send her off to Sur La Table in Woodbury.

Sur La Table has a store full of just about every cooking gadget and item you’d ever need. They also have all sorts of fun things help decorate during a dinner party or event. But Emily showed up for class. They offer all sorts of classes. You don’t need to have a partner to go with you. Emily went alone and met some new cooking buddies. Emily’s class was all about learning how to roast a chicken. She also made a cauliflower a gratin and chocolate chip cookies with a twist.

Emily says the chef who teaches the class makes it super comfortable and fun. Emily never felt intimidated. She says everyone brings a different skill set and it’s fun to try new things or improve on skills that needed a little work.

When you take a class at Sur La Table, you get a discount to shop in the store. You also get a discount when you sign up for another class.

To learn more about Sur La Table, including its cooking schedule, click here.

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