Mother’s Day Recipes for Moms

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Aliceis here sharing simple recipes and ideas for your family this Mother’s Day.

Alice just released her new ebook, Family Meal Planning and you can buy it for $5 here.

Tips for Mother’s Day
• Define, celebrate and reflect on motherhood in your own way. Spend the day in gratitude for the immense gift you’ve been given or allow space to grieve, or take solitude in this day.
• Focus on being present and not presents.
• Look for examples of strength in mothering and let those stories inspire your mothering.
• Know that you are loved and appreciated.
• Your value in motherhood isn’t reflected on the day’s events or gifts.
• Motherhood isn’t perfect and our “day” isn’t either.
• Share with your family how you would like to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Easy Gift Ideas for Moms
• Give her the gift of time alone or to sleep in.
• Ask your kids questions (interview-style) about her and write them down on a piece of paper for mom.
• Make the day free of household chores (this includes picking up after any meals you make for her). Think about all the weekly chores that need to get done on Sunday and do those for mom.
• Take over the meal planning for the week! Make a meal plan with the kids and do the shopping and cooking.
• Alice’s ebook, Family Meal Planning gives you all the tools you need for helping your meal planning routine including easy printable worksheets.

Alice has several recipe ideas for based on how you plan to spend Mother’s Day. These recipes can be easily made by your family and the leftovers are great for weeknight meals too! They are also all great to bring to a potluck celebration!

On Mother’s Day:
• If you like sleeping in, waking up to a cup of coffee and cozy brunch, try this breakfast bake, even kids can help make. Lemon Raspberry French Toast Bake

• If you like spending the day outdoors, going for a bike ride and a picnic, try this easy recipe that requires boiling pasta for two minutes and tossing the ingredients together. Tortellini Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

• If you like to get in your cozy clothes, Netflix, and chill. Try these Baked Ham Sandwiches and serve with sweet potato fries and relax! Baked Ham Sandwiches

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