Elderberry Gummies for Cold, Flu and Sleep

Kate Doubler, the Real Food RN, stopped by the TCL studio to teach us the benefits of elderberries and quick yet nutritious recipe for healthy gummies.

Elderberry Gummies

Ingredients needed: -1 1/4 Cup Tart Cherry Juice -4 TBSP Unflavored Gelatin -1/3 Cup Elderberry Syrup -TBSP Raw Honey Steps: 1. Boil 1/2 of Elderberry Juice 2. Pour into jar with the gelatin and whisk until dissolved 3. Add to the remaining elderberry juice (the other half from step 1) 4. Add honey and whisk 5. Pour into molds 6. Let set in refrigerator for an hour or more until solid Elderberry Syrup Ingredients: 2/3 cup dried elderberries 3 1/2 cups of water 2 Tbsp fresh or dried ginger root 1 Tsp cinnamon powder 1/2 Tsp whole cloves or clove powder 1 cup raw honey Steps: 1. Pour water into medium saucepan and add elderberries, ginger cinnamon and cloves (do not add honey) 2. Bring to a boil then cover (lid slightly cracked) and reduce to simmer for 45 minutes to an hour until the liquid has reduced by almost 3. At that point, remove from heat and let cool enough to be handled 4. Pour through a strainer into a glass bowl 5. Discard the elderberries and let the liquid cool to lukewarm 6. When it is no longer hot, add 1 cup of honey and stir well 7. When honey is well mixed into the elderberry mixture, pour the syrup into a pint sized mason jar For more recipes, check out Kate’s website: https://realfoodrn.com/

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