Jucy Lucy’s from Matt’s Bar

Warm weather and burgers? Sounds like a good evening to us at Twin Cities Live. Chef Paul Rees from Matt’s Bar stopped by to show us how to make their infamous Jucy Lucy.

Ingredient list:

-Finely ground beef (80/20), Cheddar cheese or cheese of choice, buns and condiments of choice


1. Finely ground beef into 1/4 pound patties (any larger patties will not cook in middle)

2. Place one patty on bottom and place cheese on top

3. Place second patty on top of cheese

4. Crimp sides of patties together

5. Heat pan or grill to 325 degrees

6. Place burgers on grill until reached desired heat or 160 degrees Fahrenheit

For more information on Matt’s Bar, go to mattsbar.com

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