Fruit Desserts

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and more are currently in season.  That means it’s time to incorporate fruits into your desserts!  Baking instructor, Nancy Burgeson gives us a few examples.


1 Angel food cake mix or your own favorite scratch recipe
6-8 drops pink food coloring
6-8 drops yellow food coloring
6-8 drops green food coloring

Prepare Angel food cake as per recipe.
Divide batter into 3 small bowls.
Add 1 shade of food coloring to each of the 3 bowls blending in very gently.
Layer batter in angel food pan starting with pink, then the yellow and finally the green.
Bake as per directed in recipe, do not overbake.  Cracks on cake top should feel dry and not sticky.
Immediately turn pan upside down on glass bottle until cake is completely cooled.
Run a knife around edges to remove cake from pan.
With a sharp, serrated knife cut off top of cake about 1/3 of the way down.
Hollow out the center with a spoon about the size of a 3-inch circle and fill with whipped cream and fruit.


2 cups of your favorite fruit-washed and dried well
2 cups real whipped cream or Cool Whip
Frost or glaze cake if desired



Prepare one 9-inch pie crust-bake as per instructions (Use your own favorite crust recipe or purchase a Keebler Graham Cracker Crust)
2 cups vanilla yogurt
1 package (4 ounce serving) instant pudding and pie filling mix-your choice of flavors
3-4 cups fresh fruit-your choice
3 tbsp clear preserves using a preserve that isn’t too dark in color.  Apricot is a good choice

Beat yogurt and dry pudding mix together in medium bowl with electric mixer until well blended.
Spoon over baked and cooled pie crust and smooth surface with a spatula.
Arrange fruit around top of yogurt mixer, leaving the very middle empty.
Heat preserves until melted.  Brush over fruit.

NOTE:  I like to use raspberries mounded in the center of the pie.  You do not need to brush preserves over this part of pie.

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