Lunch & Dinner Meals

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice, is here helping families think about some easy lunch to dinner options. Now that the weather is warming up, pasta salad is a super easy lunch or dinner option for families. No need to warm up and kids can even serve themselves if parents are busy working at home.

Alice has lots of favorite family-friendly recipes and her best tips for helping families tackle the difficult task of meal planning in her eBook, Family Meal Planning. Alice’s eBook, Family Meal Planning is available for purchase for $5.

Recipes on the Show:

Some of Alice’s other recipes that would be great lunch to dinner meals can be found on her website, Dining with Alice. A simple reheat for lunch and dinner and you’re all set with easy meal options!

Alice’s Tips for Meal Planning and Keeping Snacking to a Minimum During Stay at Home time :

  • Try bigger breakfast meals to keep your kids feeling full, like my Dutch Baby recipe.
  • Make lunch fun by serving on fun trays and incorporate several options. Again, serve a well-balanced meal to keep kids feeling full.
  • Have a variety of snacks, healthy and “sometime” snacks. Offer one of each during the day. Establish what your “anytime” snacks are in your house.
  • Everyone needs meal planning tools. In Alice’s ebook, she includes:
    • Weekly meal planning sheets
    • Inventory Sheets
    • Family Favorites List
    • Grocery List
    • 30+ Easy Recipe ideas
    • 5 Kid-Friendly Recipes
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