Product Sampling

For now, gone are the days of sampling all the products at the grocery stores.  Because of that, small Minnesota businesses are hurting because they depend on those samples to get people to buy their products.  TCL reporter Kelli Hanson has their backs and is doing the sampling for you in her own kitchen!


  • Started as a breakfast cookie
  • Has the nutrition of an energy bar, gluten free, plant based protein
  • Purchase on line or several locations including Hyvee, Whole Foods, Lakewinds, & Kowalski’s

Wallflour Foods

  • Liege Toaster Waffles in Sweet Vanilla & Blueberry Lemon
  • Available at all Minnesota Lakewinds Food Co-ops

Darling Pickle Dips

  • Blend of picked vegetables, cream cheese & white beans
  • 3 different flavors
  • Available at Kowalski’s, Jerry’s Foods, and Lunds & Byerlys

Atlas Provisions

  • Popped lotus seeds in four different flavors
  • High in magnesium & potassium
  • Available at Lunds & Byerlys, and various co-ops
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