Rainbow Cupcakes

Angel Food Bakery owner, Katy Gerdes, showes us how to make fool-proof rainbow cupcakes.


1. Vanilla cake batter (homemade or from box)
2. Food coloring
3. Vanilla frosting (homemade or from box)
4. Zip lock bags
5. Cupcake pan & liners
6. Sprinkles


1. Divide cake batter into 6 portions (one for each color)

2. Tint each portion with food coloring

3. Using a ziplock bag with small hole in corner, pipe colored batter into cupcake pans in layers or spoon batter into pans (create more tie dye affect)

4. Bake & cool (baking directions are dependant on what type of batter you used)

5. Draw lines of food coloring down inside of piping bag, gently scoop frosting into bag and pipe on cupcakes

6. Add sprinkles

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