Good Company: Haskell’s

TCL In Your Town is featuring the gorgeous town of Excelsior. This water community has just about everything you can think of right in the heart of Water Street. Haskell’s is among the companies that have a long history of serving the community. They are just steps away from the lake. In fact, if you show up on the dock and need an order, they’ll bring it to you.

Haskell’s are known as the wine people for good reason. They have been introducing people with wine from all over the country and the world since the 1930’s. It was Fritzi Haskell who founded the company in downtown Minneapolis. She got people to drink wine when they were all drinking gin fizzes.

The Farrell family took over the business in 1970. Today, they have twelve locations. Brothers Ted, John, Beau, and Brian work with their dad, Jack. Ted is the Twin Cities Live wine guy. He has stories for the wines he features and he truly loves finding folks a good deal. His family has helped served politicians and celebrities from all over, but they say the best reward is helping Minnesotans find the perfect drink for them.

Their excelsior store is attached to a local bar. They will soon be expanding their Minneapolis location. They are adding a wine bar for guests.

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