Easy Drinks for Summer Parties

Alice Seuffert, creator of Dining with Alice, is showing us how to host a summer party with fun drinks without spending the whole night playing bar tender.

Big Batch Pitcher Drinks: Bourbon Arnold Palmer

A great drink idea that will allow the host to engage with their party attendees is to make one big batch pitcher drink. Bourbon is a popular drink right now and pairs really well with lemonade and ice tea.

Click here for Bourbon Arnold Palmer Recipe.

Make Your Own Martini: Rhubarb Cosmos

Print out the instructions for the and put it in a frame on a table with all the ingredients so the host isn’t making a martini for each person. Made with a Rhubarb Simple Syrup, these special Cosmos give a fun and easy twist to the classic!

Click here for Rhubarb Cosmo Recipe and Printable Recipe for a frame.

Click here for Rhubarb Simple Syrup recipe.

Adult Capri Suns

Prepare a day ahead if you like, by mixing your favorite juices and alcohol into an Adult Capri Sun pouch. Adults will think these drinks are so fun and by making slushie versions you won’t be making frozen drinks with your blender all night!

Click here for Adult Capri Sun recipe and click here to get the pouches.


  • Use good pouches. I’ve seen videos and photos using plastic sandwich bags. Nope. Use good pouches, like these Adult Capri Sun pouches. They are reusable and are perfectly portable.
  • Mix the juice and alcohol in a Pyrex glass measuring cup with a pout.
  • You’ll also need a small 2-ounce measuring cup and I love this stackable version.
  • Use big smoothie straws like these, Bright Straws. This is important if you are making slushie versions.
  • Slushie versions? Yes! Once you make them pop them in the freezer overnight and lay flat. Throw them in the cooler or beach bag for a frozen drink!
  • Bring to the pool, beach, cabin, camping, or BBQ!
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