Emily’s Farmers Market Finds

The Twin Cities have a long list of great farmers markets. Not only do you support local farmers, but you can score some really great deals. There’s food, lotions, flowers and so much more. Here’s a list of some of the things Reporter Emily Engberg loves.

First off, Emily says bring cash, make a loop and then dive right in. One of her favorite things to get is fresh flowers. You can get a big bundle for just $6-$7. Emily says another great find are the sugar cube melons. Although, all of the produce is a steal! HeathGlen Preserves can be found in stores and at farmer’s markets. It’s delicious and the story is sweet. The owner started the company when she wanted to be home more with her daughter who was facing some medical issues. Elizabeth Ries is also a big fan of the preserves.

Kerry’s Donut Bites was started when former Twin Cities Live photographer and producer decided to go after her own dream. They are yummy and have become a hit with folks. Kerry delivers and does special events.

The Golden Fig is a store on Grand Avenue, but you can also find them at the Farmer’s Market in St. Paul. They have spices, food, drink mixes and all sorts of other things to stock your cupboard with.

To see a complete list of farmers markets across the cities, click here.

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