Men’s Fragrances and Fall Fashion

When it comes to looking dapper from head to toe, these guys are pros! The King Brothers just released their new book, “The Image Advantage” on how to maximize your most overlooked asset. From King Brothers Clothiers, Kenny and Danny King took their favorite fall looks and matched it with some popular men’s cologne.

  1. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

The look — Weekend wear, jeans, sport coat
Casual scents, what you would see and smell as mixologist’s garnishes at a cocktail lounge.

Style tip– Casual weekend wear mixes with a casual scent every guy should have a go-to jacket he can throw on any shirt or pant.

  1. Wanted by Azzaro

It’s a woody spicy fragrance for men, top notes include lemon, ginger, lavender and mint
The look — Fall sport coat with trousers woody and spicy is a more seasonal scent

Style tip– Wardrobe should reflect what season it is like women with their hair (darker vs. lighter) guys with clothing and scents.

  1. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

This features a blend of mandarin citrus notes, rosemary spiciness, jasmine and wood
The look– In a full suit, no tie, from office to evening activity scent is universally liked by both men and women. It’s not too rustic a scent for women to be drawn to it has been around forever, a good transitional scent.

Style tip– Business classics (and classic scents) can be go-to looks for evening wear as well, year-round.

  1. Tonic by Hugo Boss

Fresh and clean features grapefruit, ginger and woody notes
See the look– Dvorak, full suit, “tux” hybrid. Masculine, fresh, not stuffy. Associate brand with being up front, and take charge. Groom will command the room

Style tip– Formal attire and scents doesn’t have to be stuffy, and can be adapted to reflect who you are.

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