Jeans for all Body Types

Stylist Amy Seeman says sometimes the missing piece to round out your fall wardrobe is the addition of a different style of denim. She stopped by to answer questions on what style of jeans looks great with your body type.

Women with a Curvy Figure:

  • Most curvy women default to skinny jeans but a straight leg actually balances the contour of a curvy figure so don’t be afraid to give them a try
  • When you are curvy, you need some stretch in your denim but you want them to be fitted, not clingy
  • Most jeans with spandex will stretch as you wear them so they should fit tight when you first put them on without suffocating you
  • Pair it with a pointed toe to elongate the legs
  • The hemline should hit just above the ankle bone

Women with a Hourglass Figure:

  • If you are an hourglass figure you want to look for a higher rise to draw the attention to the smallest part of your waist coming up and over your thighs
  • A higher rise can also be really flattering on your booty
  • You also want to look for pockets that aren’t too far apart and have a V-Yoke (seam above the pockets in the shape of a V)

Women with Long Legs:

  • Women with long legs should all own a pair of wide leg jeans in a higher rise, but not too high
  • To keep the silhouette long and lean you want to make sure the bottom of the denim doesn’t bunch or drag on the floor
  • These novelty jeans from Evereve feel special but are still ones you can wear everyday
  • A denim with a stripe down the side is really elongating and great for petites
  • Because of the side stripe, cuff under or hem instead of cuffing up so you don’t take away from the novelty of it
  • Cuffing up your jeans actually cuts your legs off making them appear even shorter
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