Stacked Boutique

When we asked TCLers what we should feature in Shakopee with TCL in Your Town featured that city, there was one place that really stood out.  We received an overwhelming amount of people telling us we needed to check out the plus-size consignment shop and boutique, Stacked.  Owner Michele Starbeck brought some of her fashion looks in to show us why this shop is such a favorite!

Maya – jeans, graphic tee, & lightweight cardigan

  • If you find a secondhand top that you love but the fit isn’t 100% right, there are ways to make it right
  • Find a lightweight long sleeve piece to put over your short sleeve and sleeveless pieces to make them wearable all year long

Rebecca – flare jeans, sneakers, & lightweight hoodie

  • Shopping secondhand is fun because you can try on many brands at once

Sarah – dress played down by denim jacket

  • Denim jacket is the most versatile item in your closet
  • Stacked Boutique denim jackets have stretch in them
  • Buy for the size that fits when it is open

Vanessa (petite size) – skinny jean and chunky cardigan sweater

  • Cuff jeans to leave a gap to create length and a slimmer silhouette
  • Ditch the myth that curvy girls can’t wear chunky cardigans.
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