Fall Hair & Makeup

The warm rich tones of fall are making their way into the salons. Melissa Matthews with Simonson’s Salon shares some of the fall hair and makeup trends you’ll be seeing.

Color: Brunettes tend to get brassy in the summer so go one or two shades darker. Melissa says to ask your stylist for a “Tiger Eye Hair Color”. The mix of deep, warm caramel colors create a multi-dimensional look that resembles a tiger eye.

Cut/Style: Bangs are an easy on-trend way to refresh your look without losing a lot of the length.
Changing your part is the easiest hair makeover ever!

Makeup: Natural everyday makeup

Color: Blondes need to embrace warmth. Ashy and beigh shades was hout your complexion, especially after you’ve lost that natural summer glow. Use a “Color Melting Technique” that blends highlights with your base color so you don’t have any harsh lines. This allows you to embrace your natural roots. Add warmth and dimension with butterscotch and pearly tones.

Cut/Style: Get a trim! There is no better time to get rid of the dry brittle split ends you’ve been traveling through summer with. If you normally cut half an inch, cut off a full inch instead.

Makeup: Glam

Color: Redheads should go for a pop of color with a rich red shade. Ask your stylist to add warm cinnamon tones to your hair.

Cut/Style: If you don’t need or want a hair cut, try a new style like a woven basket/braid style.

Makeup: Edgy

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