Last Minute Halloween Costume and Makeup Ideas

Halloween is a lot of fun for the kids and the big kids, but getting inviting to a last minute celebration can be frightening. No fear! Emily Engberg and makeup artist Julie Martin have come up with some fun things you can do last minute. They chose three ideas and put the looks together with things that can be easily found at your own home or for one quick trip to the drug store.

Idea One: Deer

Emily used a faux fur vest from her own closet. She added on to the look with super simple items that included jeans, a neutral top and boots. Emily then took sticks from her own yard and used them for antlers. She tied her hair in a ponytail and put the sticks in her teased hair. She locked them down with a clip and bobby pin. For makeup, Julie added a contoured nose, dark brows, spots with foundation and big lashes.

Idea Two: Mermaid

This one is fun because you just need a simple tank and for a skirt, you can use bright fabric like a table cloth. Then, add tulle or other fabric to the bottom for the fin. For makeup, use fishnets to spray on scales or just imprint them with makeup. Add in lots of glitter and bright colors and you’re ready to rock the mermaid look.

Idea Three: YouTube Makeup Tutorial Gone Bad

This one is super easy and fun. Wear neutral colors for your wardrobe, grab your selfie stick and a makeup blender and you’re wardrobe ready. For makeup, just add in lots of lines (blended and unblended) in different directions, sizes and colors.

To learn more about Julie’s everyday makeup tips, check out her Facebook page, Total Beauty by Julie.

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