Men’s Fall Fashion

When it comes to men’s fashion more Minnesotan’s are turning to these guys, they are the King Brother’s. This fall, they say more men will want to make sure they are wearing plenty of burgundy and green this fall. Danny and Kenny King share some fall inspired looks.

Look 1: Microcheck suit
Style tip: Patterns don’t have to be scary or loud.

Look 2: Textured green sport coat
Style tip: Fall/Winter is the time to embrace heavier textures, to dress seasonally.

Look 3: Emerald and wine tartan plaid sport coat
Style tip: These are the hot colors for fall. Embrace them with a few items this season.

Look 4 Overcoat
Style tip: Everyone, especially here in the Twin Cities, should have nice overcoats to wear. Your coat should not detract from everything else you’re wearing.

Style tip questions:

  1. Does deep green and burgundy look great on all men?

For the most part, those aren’t colors that will look bad on any skin type. It’s as versatile as a blue.

  1. Should socks match shoes or pants?

Back in the day, the idea was that socks should always match the pants, or be a shade darker. These days, we say the socks should match either, and can serve as a fun accent.

  1. What color shoes do men wear with which color trousers?

With black, always black. With brown, always brown. With anything else, pretty much anything goes. But make sure your belt matches or goes with the shoes.

  1. What are some burgundy and deep green staples dudes should have in their closet?

Sport coats are always nice ways to incorporate those seasonal colors. Otherwise, it’s easy to use ties, socks or other accessories to incorporate the new colors of the season.

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