ShineUP Living: At Home Spa

A few years ago two moms joined forces to create a company to help inspire people, find beauty in the little things and create a community for women to help them shine. It’s called ShineUP and this week you’ll meet the women behind the movement. Not only do they spotlight deserving women, they blog about all things beauty. And that’s where we’re starting. Jen Vick from ShineUP Living stopped by with her picks to get beautiful spa-like skin at home.

1. First thing’s first: Cleanse
of Olay Regenerating Cream Cleanser
+ Target — $6.99
+ formulated with microbeads to help exfoliate, without stripping essential natural oil

**Invest in a Clarisonic!**
+ it removes makeup and stimulates cell turnover

2. Exfoliate
**Liquid Exfoliant by Paula’s Choice**
+ this is Jen’s #1 skincare product that she can’t live without
+ no stinging, no harsh drying, just gentle exfoliation
+ contains: beta hydroxy acid – sheds extra layers & unclogs pores
+ like a mini-facial in a bottle – but only $29

3. Lip Mask
+ our lips are often the most under-cared for part of our face
+ apply this lip mask at night and it works while you sleep
+ Sephora: $20

**Don’t forget about the rest of your body!**

4. 20-minute bath soak
**AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts**
+ ULTA: $22

5. Exfoliate your body
**HERBIVORE Coco Rose Body Polish**
+ while you’re in the tub, exfoliate your body
+ contains coconut oil
+ Sephora: $36

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