Heat Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is the time we make a lot of plans. It’s lighter later, outdoor restaurant patios are poppin’ and date nights are just more fun. Whether you’re out with the husband or out with the girls, Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers stopped by with ways to heat up your summer wardrobe. Date Night: Chloe

  • Shirt: A’GACI$27.90
  • Shorts: A’GACI$27.90
  • Purse:Macy’s$258.00
  • Shoes: Forever 21 $34.90
  • Jewelry: Macy’s $34.50

Girls’ Night Out: Lindsey

  • Kimono: Buckle$59.95
  • Top: Forever 21$10.00
  • Jeans: Macy’s$169.00
  • Shoes: Forever 21$29.00
  • Purse: Macy’s$198.00
  • Necklace: Buckle$19.95
  • Earrings: Forever 21$5.90

Wedding Shower: Mackenzey

  • Dress: Anthropologie$188.00
  • Shoes: Banana Republic$82.80
  • Purse: Macy’s$250.00
  • Earrings: Forever 21$5.90
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