Uncommon Beauty Hacks

If you type in makeup beauty hacks on Pinterest you’ll find hundreds of ideas that can help you with your everyday routine. Beauty expert, Hillary Kline stopped by with her favorite uncommon beauty hacks.

Hack #1: Use a coffee filter in place of expensive oil blotting sheets.

Hack #2: Get your toothbrush and hair spray out! Comb your eyebrows into place by using this trick and tame hair flyaways with this trick, too.

Hack #3: Get curled lashes with your hair dryer!

Hack #4: The business card trick! Place the business card to your eye while you apply mascara. This will prevent all that gooey stuff from getting on your lids.

Hack #5: Tweeze your eyebrows in the car. The natural light allows you to see hairs you might miss in the bathroom mirror. Just don’t do this while you’re actually driving

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