Does Your Fashion Match Your Energy?

Deciding what to wear goes beyond what’s on trend. Happy Medium and Intuitive Coach,  Jodi Livon says you should wear certain colors and patterns based on your energy.

Jodi and fashion blogger, Amy Seeman teamed up to show one lucky winner how to feel sexy,  grounded,  energized, and confident based on Jodi’s personalized energy reading.

Looks from this segment can be purchased at Leela & Lavender in Maple Grove.

Jodi says, we have a relationship with everything around us and this includes our clothing. When our clothes don’t match our energy we feel drained when we wear them. Regularly weeding out clothes that don’t feel great to wear is emotionally and spiritually empowering. When we wear something that feels good on us, adds color to our face and matches the best of how we feel, we are more grounded, sexy and confident.

Click here for more information on Jodi’s event called, Story of your Soul on August 8th. Tickets are still available.

Click here for more information on Amy Seeman’s personal shopping services.

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